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FIRST SUMMER is a bonus companion to FIRST KISS, told from Kit’s point of view.

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Discover what her home life is really like

And her friendship with Felice and Spike

Get Kit’s take on Aonghus…

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Kit & Tully Book 1 - First Kiss

Love or Music… Which should they choose and what price do they have to pay?

When new guy, Tully, falls for sixteen-year-old Kit, he needs to find a way to win her over. Because, right now, she only has eyes for scorching hot lead-singer, Mac Whitehead, who’s turning every head in town.

Neither believe a half-forgotten legend is true, but once a sleeping Celtic god awakes, it’s too late to turn back, too late to refuse his offer… Love or Music… Which will it be?

Breakfast Club vibes, 1990s Ireland, Normal People banter!

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The KIT & TULLY Series

Beginning with Tully, the nine books are told from a different character’s point of view. All except one of them could potentially be a suspect… or a victim… And while the mystery remains unsolved, each of them suspects one of the others.

It doesn’t Start With a Body!

This story is a mystery in reverse, where the death is led up to. It opens when Tully, new guy in town, sees Kit for the first time and falls in love.

Love or Music...

But Kit is far more interested in the arrival of up-and-coming band, Black Death, especially scorching hot lead-singer, Mac Whitehead, who's turning every head in Drimshanra.

Friendship & Rivalry

None of them can guess these acquaintances are going to develop into long-lasting relationships, that will affect them all, until a mysterious death drives them apart.

Celtic God

Find out what happens when Kit & Tully disturb a sleeping god and ask him to grant their dearest wish!

What Readers Say!

"What a way to start the series. The teens in 90s small-town vibe is so strong. Without revealing much, the characters are so interesting to get to know better. The Aonghus myth/folktale surrounding the town and the story is intriguing as we only see the glimpse of it. Totally give me the goosebumps and chills vibe when I read it.."
Illustration of Woman reading and eating cake
NetGalley Reviewer
"This story played out in my head like a sweet indie flick as I was reading it. (Tully) is new to town and meets some eclectic personalities, including a love interest, Kit, but it looks like she might keep him in the friend-zone. I was expecting a story that was geared toward young people and found that it’s likely to be enjoyed by all ages.."
Line illustration of girl reading in window
NetGalley Reviewer
“ This book is an adorable coming of age about Tully a young man who just moved to a small town in Ireland. I loved the setting in the 90's with the video store and life before smartphones and social media. I can't wait to read the next book in the series and to know the new chapter in Kit's and Tully's relationship.”
NetGalley reviewer

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