KIT & TULLY Book 2 – First Valentine


Love or Music…

Kit finally figures out what Tully chose. And decides he got it wrong.

Find out what she does next in KIT & TULLY, Book 2!

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Love or Music…

Kit finally figures out what Tully chose. 

And decides he got it wrong.

Aonghus might have made their wishes come true, but the price is too high –– unless Kit can find a way to change it. 

Unfortunately, there’s only one way to do that. Kit needs to seek out the sleeping god again. 

But now she knows the risks involved, is she desperate enough to go through with it, especially when Tully doesn’t agree?


  • eBook format
  • UK English
  • Length: 35 000 words approx (175 Pages)
  • Reading Time: 2 hours approx.

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Author’s Note

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