KIT & TULLY Book 3 – First Album


Love or Music…

Love or music… you can’t have both and Kit is no longer sure she made the right choice.

Felice, Kit’s best friend, doesn’t believe that a sleeping god was awakened, but as their best-laid plans start to unravel, she starts to realize that the fateful choice might have consequences for them all.

Find out what’s going wrong  in KIT & TULLY Book 3 – FIRST ALBUM!

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Love or Music… Which should they choose and what price do they have to pay?

Felice, Kit’s sceptical best friend, doesn’t believe Kit and Tully woke a sleeping god and were offered a choice…

Instead, she’s looking forward to the year ahead, where everyone’s wish is about to come true. Felice has got a coveted place in art college and, just as they dreamed of in school, she and Kit are going to share a cottage in Dublin. Tully is back from a UK tour where he’s been promoting his first album, while Spike has promised to chaperone Kit around Trinity and orchestrate a brilliant social life for them all.

What could possibly go wrong?

But when their best-laid plans start to unravel, not even Felice can deny that the fateful choice might have consequences for them all…

  • eBook format
  • UK English
  • Length: 35 000 words approx (192 Pages)
  • Reading Time: 2-3 hours approx.


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