KIT & TULLY Book 4 – Zero Chance (Paperback)


Love or Music…

Everything is going wrong for Mac Whitehead, but the solution to all his problems is standing right in front of him.

Find out if Mac Whitehead can win Kit over in KIT & TULLY Book 4 – ZERO CHANCE!

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Love or Music… Which should they choose and what price do they have to pay?

If bad boy, Mac Whitehead believed in ancient legends, he’d know exactly what to choose, no matter the cost… 

Meanwhile, despite hot rockstar looks and a raspy voice, nothing is going his way. Mac blames Tully for his run of bad luck. And he’s convinced Kit is the solution to all his problems.

But Mac has never paid any attention to Kit before, not even when she had a crush on him.

She knows it can mean only one thing. 

He wants something.

But what could possibly persuade Kit to help arch-enemy, Mac Whitehead?

  • Paperback format
  • UK English
  • Length: 35 000 words approx (154 Pages)
  • Reading Time: 2-3 hours approx.

This page is for the Paperback version. You can find eBooks here and Audiobooks here!

Author’s Note

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