KIT & TULLY Book 6 – Last Chance


Love or Music… Which will it be?

Kit is in a dilemma but Gary has strong opinions on the matter. Can he stand back and let her make her own choice?

Find out  in KIT & TULLY Book 6 – LAST CHANCE!

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Love or Music… Which should they choose and what price do they have to pay?

Like everyone else, Gary is moving on with his life. After an accident that almost killed him, he’s on the road to recovery and believes the worst of it is behind him. He worries about Tully and knows something in the past haunts Kit, though she has never told him about Aonghus.

When Kit is faced with a difficult choice, Gary is the one she turns to. But, no matter what the cost, he must accept her decision.

He has no idea how precarious it all is or to what extent his future depends on the whims of fate.

Love or music… how many must pay the price?

  • eBook format
  • UK English
  • Length: 34 000 words approx (182 Pages)
  • Reading Time: 2-3 hours approx.


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